Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking to Improve?

Tactics tactics tactics. That's all you need. If you get your tactical sharpness up, you spot opportunities to go for the kill a lot quicker, and patterns that crop up time and again on the board will become easy to see. Chess Emrald is a particularly good site for training yourself in tactics. You create an account so it can track your progess with a rating, then you do a few problems. It quickly gets to understand your standard, and so gives you problems that will just about challenge you. You really do notice your standard getting better and I really can't overstate how handy the site is.

Here's one to get you started, it's a little tricky ;) White to play and checkmate in 2 moves:

Also, club night tomorrow night at 7 as usual. Check the sidebar ==> for directions.
See you there,

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