Thursday, November 22, 2012

O'Hanlon Update

Hey again! This is the promised, though unfortunately low on specifics, O'Hanlon update.

The O'Hanlon year started quite brightly, with a heavy win 4.5-1.5 versus Bray/Greystones B, and continued well with a 3.5-2.5 win over St. Benildus, though 1 of the points against was a result of our forfeiting a board, which has been a persistent problem for us over the last few seasons.This left us relatively highly placed after two matches, with 7 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses and a forfeit (which counts as a loss).

Sadly, the next two games, against Bray/Greystones A and Drogheda, didn't turn out so well. Against Bray, an unexpected withdrawal left us with a forfeit and -1 points for not declaring it beforehand, and a tough opposition team yielded little in the way of points to make up for it. The result was 4.5-0.5 (after the deduction) and this was followed up by another loss to Drogheda. Away, to the furthest club from us in the division, we could only muster 5, and so again forfeited a board. The result was 5-1, leading to a lot of work needed to regain a firm footing in the upper regions of the division.

Due to the slowness of the upkeep of the website, the table isn't available, so this rather vague update is all that can be given right now. Stay tuned for more (and more lucid) updates!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Armstrong update

Hey guys!
Just thought I'd give an update on how the teams have been doing so far this year.

On the Armstrong front, the team have been doing pretty well, with the table currently looking as follows:
Team MP GW GD GL Def Pts
1 Phibsboro 4 20 6 6 0 23
2 Elm Mount 4 15 10 7 0 20
3 St Benildus 4 15 9 8 0 19 ½
4 Dun Laoghaire 4 12 12 8 0 18
5 Dublin University 4 11 13 8 0 17 ½
6 Gonzaga 4 14 7 11 0 17 ½
7 Balbriggan 4 8 14 10 0 15
8 Rathmines A 4 9 11 12 0 14 ½
9 Bray / Greystones 4 10 6 16 0 13
10 Kilkenny 4 6 12 14 0 12
11 Dublin 4 6 12 14 1 11
12 Rathmines B 4 6 8 18 0 10

As you can see, we are quite reasonably placed in 5th, thanks in no small part to the form of Karl, who is currently 4 wins from 4 on board 1. Also notable is their recent 5.5-2.5 thumping of Rathmines A, despite being outrated on the majority of the boards. In particular, Anthony scored the full point on board 4 despite his opponent outrating him by a whopping 207 points.

The next match up will be Monday, against Elm Mount, who currently sit 2nd. A very brief and unscientific analysis of their players' ratings indicates it should be a very evenly matched tie, so hopefully we can get the win (notably, Karl will experience being outrated on board 1 for the first time, though only by a minuscule 2 points).

That's all for now, an O'Hanlon update will hopefully follow in due course!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hannah Lowry O'Reilly in the Olympiad

A special mention needs to be given to our very own Hannah Lowry O'Reilly who represented Ireland in the recent Chess Olympiad (chess team world championships, so to speak)!!! If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is! Hannah pops in to our Tuesday meetings from time to time so you can ask her for her autograph then. Good stuff Hannah!

The scorecard of the Irish women's team is below:

Full team results for the women here

For the Open category here

Saturday, September 29, 2012

League results from last year

For all who are interested here are the league results for last year:

1Rathmines A11452815059
4Bray / Greystones11382426050
5Kilkenny11312928144 ½
6Elm Mount A11292831043
7Dublin University11272833041
8St Benildus11272833041
9Rathmines B11223135136 ½
10Dublin11262141036 ½
12Elm Mount B11221947031 ½

1Cavan1132211342 ½
2Wicklow1130231341 ½
4Bray / Greystones1130152137 ½
5Inchicore1129152236 ½
8Dublin University1123123129
10Elm Mount1120143227
12Naomh Barróg1115143722

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi Guys (and Girls)
Hows it going? (I don't care :p)

The DU chess society blog is once again active! The blog will be updated regularly(ish) from here on out with competetition results, league results and information about the club and members in general.

On a more important note....

The Chess Soc is back! This coming Tuesday, September 25th will be our first meeting. 7-9pm in the Maths Seminar Room, in the Hamilton building (see "HOW TO FIND US" for details). Signs will also be posted in the Hamilton building as you enter up the stone steps and keep in mind that most students in the Hamilton should know where the Seminar Room is so don't be afraid to ask for directions. The first meeting will be a casual one - friendly games with or without chess clocks. The regulars, though, will be more than happy to teach and give tips to anyone keen to improve. 
Hope to see you there,