Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi Guys (and Girls)
Hows it going? (I don't care :p)

The DU chess society blog is once again active! The blog will be updated regularly(ish) from here on out with competetition results, league results and information about the club and members in general.

On a more important note....

The Chess Soc is back! This coming Tuesday, September 25th will be our first meeting. 7-9pm in the Maths Seminar Room, in the Hamilton building (see "HOW TO FIND US" for details). Signs will also be posted in the Hamilton building as you enter up the stone steps and keep in mind that most students in the Hamilton should know where the Seminar Room is so don't be afraid to ask for directions. The first meeting will be a casual one - friendly games with or without chess clocks. The regulars, though, will be more than happy to teach and give tips to anyone keen to improve. 
Hope to see you there,

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